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John BazerguiJean-Pierre Bazergui

In January 2000, Jean-Pierre Bazergui, a long-time veteran of the Private Security Industry became frustrated by the industry’s declining public image and reputation. For businesses and individuals with Security needs, it had become most difficult to find a cost effective, honest, efficient and high quality security services provider to manage security projects.

BAZCORP Protective Services was formed to create a modern security services provider that offers total solutions management, and a personalized service that meets and exceeds client expectations.

Jean-Pierre Bazergui conducted extensive market research, and experimented with a range of methodologies to constantly improve the BAZCORP experience.

The result: A winning formula combining careful employee selection and training, tactics, presentation, management and service. Today, BAZCORP Protective Services boasts a strong and loyal client base.

BAZCORP Protective Services’ management team consists of three main functions which are designed to provide the best quality of service to our clients in everything we do.

Our Director, Jean-Pierre Bazergui, is responsible for the licensing, legal and corporate aspects of our business as well as integrating the roles of our Marketing and Operations sections.

Our Marketing team is responsible for keeping us up to date on modern security requirements and changing client expectations. In an ever-changing industry, only companies who conduct this variety of research will be able to provide the best service and advice to clients.

Our Operations team, consisting of Supervisors and the Operations Manager, are together responsible for the careful selection and training of employees, the planning and implementation of security methodology and the careful scrutiny and revision of our operational policies and procedures. As the primary difference between security providers is the quality of personnel, an important consideration when looking for a security provider is the care taken and attention given to the quality of our personnel at BAZCORP Protective Services.

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